Daily Journal 2-24-16

Today I took attendance. I also passed out highlighters. I also worked in small groups. I went over a STAAR Written Composition Checklist with them, helping them to understand their writing and why they have the score they do. I also stepped outside and talked to 3 of my students. My mentor put them out of class because they kept talking. I talked to them about their behavior and about their writing.
Today I learned that the closer that my students get to State Testing, they become more rowdy and defiant. They already haven’t been listening and paying attention, but it has become worse. My teacher is exhausted from “fighting” to get them to pay attention and to stop talking. Their state testing is March 29th and my my kids are not taking this seriously, regardless of how many talks or threats or disciplinary actions taken. Today my students looked at their Expository essays and broke them down into pieces (intro, body, conclusion, thesis, examples/supporting details, etc.) They are preparing for their STAAR test in March. This is my mentor’s lesson. Why is it so hard to get them to focus and want to learn? It’s very frustrating to see that they really don’t care. How can you motivate them? Why is it so hard to manage the people who are defiant and the students who want to learn.


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